There are so many little things that change when you’re pregnant.

I mean, besides the obvious <baby bump>, there are so many things that I would normally do, eat or use without much thought and out of habit. Once I was pregnant again, it all suddenly had to change. We all know the usual suspects like: no sushi, no glass of champagne, no cup of morning coffee, certain workouts, etc. the list goes on but one thing that I became hyper-conscious of is my makeup.

I did a lot of research and was so happy to find that there are so many amazing nontoxic products out there! You just have to put in a little work! If you haven’t heard me talk about it already, the app called ‘Think Dirty‘ is the best way to figure out what products have the least amount of toxins in them.

Keep scrolling to discover some of my favorite nontoxic makeup brands at the moment!


Tata Harper

I’m sure you’ve seen me talking Tata Harper products a ton lately, like in this post and this post! The brand was founded in 2010 in Vermont and have been making incredible skincare and beauty products ever since. They believe in beauty without compromise and all of their products are natural and nontoxic. One of my favorite parts about Tata Harper, besides the fact that their products are amazing (like the lip and cheek tint pictured above!), is that their skincare lab is filled with female scientists! How cool is that?

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