Shipping & Returns


Shipping & Delivery

Currently, we ONLY support shipments to the U.S. and its territories.

Each retailer has their own shipping and delivery options, so shipping won’t always be the same for each of your orders. Make sure you check what shipping option you selected, as some methods are faster than others. You can do that from your Purchase History page.

We recommend contacting the retailer for issues like:

  • No delivery, or excessively late delivery

  • Goods damaged during shipping / delivery

  • Incorrect shipping rates / charges

If the seller provided tracking information in the order confirmation email, make sure to track your order before contacting them for help.

Returns, Exchanges, & Refunds

Each retailer has their own refund, return and exchange policies. You should reach out to the seller for all refund, return and exchange requests.

To find the retailer’s return policies (before ordering), click the "shipping & returns" tab on the product details page.

To find the retailer’s return policies (after ordering):

  1. From the notifications drop-down menu, click your purchase confirmation.

  2. Click your order confirmation.

  3. The retailer's Return Policy is on the Order history page.

Keep in mind that not all orders will qualify for a refund, return or exchange.

Please email if you have any additional questions about an item. We will be happy to assist you.